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As you begin planning your "Special Day", you quickly realize how difficult and time consuming it can be.
With major decisions to make and countless details to organize, where do you begin?


Is a new wedding planning guide, compiled especially for today's busy, budget minded bride. Written by Shirley Copeland a leading bridal consultant with 25 years experience and hundreds of weddings to her credit, her book is now available to help you plan the most important day of your life. Unlike other wedding books, this is not a glossy pictorial, rather it is packed with vital information and wonderful ideas.

Step by step, Shirley explains how easy it is to plan a flawless, detailed and stress free wedding. Her expert advice will guide you effortlessly through the smallest of details. From selecting the correct invitation through tossing your bouquet, she makes it all so easy! Learn how to cut expenses without compromising quality. Know which questions to ask prospective vendors, to assure reputable, dependable service. Read who is financially responsible for what.


Twenty three chapters of detail after detail. If you still have questions, Shirley even provides her email address and personally answers all your wedding questions. It's like having your own personal bridal consultant......Without the cost.

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"Be Your Own Wedding Consultant"

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